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List of French reflexive verbs

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Here is a list of the verbs used in the interactive exercises. There are more reflexive verbs around of course and many verbs which are not reflexives can become reflexive if you you want to change their meaning: you do the action to yourself or to each other.

For example:

rencontrer - to meet

se rencontrer - to meet each other

regarder - to watch, to look at

se regarder - to look at oneself (e.g. in the mirror)

The reverse is true too. A reflexive verb, take se raser (to have a shave) for example, can become a normal regular verb:  raser (to shave) if the barber is doing the shaving for you!


s'amuser, to have a good time

s'arrêter, to stop

se baigner, to bathe

se bronzer, to sunbathe

se brosser les dents, to brush one's teeth

se coiffer, to do one's hair

se coucher, to go to bed

se dépêcher, to hurry

se déshabiller, to get undressed

se détendre, to relax

se doucher, to have a shower

se fâcher, to get cross

se faire mal, to hurt oneself

se laver, to have a wash

se lever, to get up

se moucher, to blow one's nose

se peigner, to comb one's hair

se promener, to have a walk

se rappeler, to remember

se raser, to have a shave

se reposer, to rest

se réveiller, to wake up

se tromper, to make a mistake

s'ennuyer, to get bored

s'habiller, to get dressed

s'intéresser à, to be interested in




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